Saturday, 11 August 2012

Annal 170: Tale from the Confession

Okay, so I have the slightest of confessions to make.

Last Sunday I wrote a post about the Heidelberg Catechism.  Shortly after I wrote this and posted it on Facebook I also changed my profile picture.  This picture may have been of me with a man.  In the picture I may have been starting somewhat affectionately at the man whose arm was around me.

This man may or may not be my boyfriend.

And I may or may not have laughed continually at the number of hits Sunday's posting received from people who were hoping for details about this guy.

Okay, so maybe those are two confessions.

But there you have it.  I am, what you would call, "in a relationship."

Which still feels pretty bizarre to me.

For over two months now my writing has been sporadic and I have been hinting at things going on in my life.  Good things.  Well, those things pretty much entirely had to do with this guy.

I'm not going to put all the details on here because, quite frankly, he sometimes reads my blog and the last thing I need is for him to get an even bigger head than he already has :)  But I am incredibly happy.  We met four years ago at a wedding.  I was the maid-of-honour, he was a groomsman.  I don't really remember him, he remembers me.  We reconnected on Facebook roughly six months ago.  He came to visit me 15 days ago (did I mention he lives across the country?  Not so much fun there).  Apparently he likes me.

The truth is, I am floored by how all of this has come about.  You have read my posts from this spring and summer.  God truly brought me to a place where the last thing I was doing was looking for a man.  I can genuinely say that I was at peace with being single.  With waiting. 

And then something happened that I never once expected.  Not only did I not expect it, I didn't want it.  I had every intention of never falling for this guy.  NEVER.  I was not interested and I did everything I could to maintain this lack of interest.

And look where that got me, lol!

I am happy.  I feel incredibly blessed.  I am amazed that I serve a God who could orchestrate something like this... never did I imagine my story taking a turn like this.  I guess God is a far better Author than I could ever hope to be.

People have asked me if I will continue this blog and I will.  It will still be "Annals of a Christian Single" seeing as whenever I fill out legal forms I am still considered single.  My plan has always been to carry on with this blog until there is a ring on my finger and a changing of my last name.

So don't worry, you will still get to hear all about my zany and quirky life (because I know all of you were terribly concerned about that).  I will still chronicle my story, from the humorous to the sorrowful.

My journey is nowhere close to ending :)

So there you have it.  There is the update on life. 

This is my confession.


  1. Yay! I'm so happy for you! I'm also super happy that you've pledged to keep writing - hearing about your zany and quirky life makes me realise there are other people in the world like me :)

    1. And getting replies like this make me want to keep blogging! I'm so glad there are other "eccentric" people out there like me :)

  2. Yay! I loved reading peoples reactions (including mine) when you posted that picture. I have to say, that I thought that something might be up between you two, watching some of the Facebook interactions. Yes, I guess that means I am admitting to being a bit of a Facebook creeper.

    1. Ha ha ha! What makes me laugh is that most of those Facebook conversations took place before either of us were really interested. We were just flirting, lol. Well, look where that got me ;)

  3. OMG, how did I miss this post??? How exciting, friend. New adventure for sure. I'm very happy for you and pray God's peace and leading in every which way. I always enjoy reading your thoughts and inspiring words and I, for one, hope you continue too! You give the rest of us single gals hope that we too will find that special someone. Always lovely to read about. Do share more as time goes on, for us nosy peoples :)


    1. Thanks, Jeanine! I appreciate the prayers and support immensely!!!