Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Annal 92: Tale from my Date with an Orc

Before I go any further I should probably clarify that no date has taken place, nor is likely to take place :D  I am writing this in response to a conversation that took place on my Facebook wall, and seemed to so suit something that would happen to me, that I thought I would share!

First of all, I finished my last assignment today.  I am about two page over what it should be, but the rough copy is done and I am thoroughly enjoying the sweet taste of freedom (or mild freedom... this will be a weekend full of paper editing for me).  The result of this freedom, was a Facebook status that involved my stating a desire for an adventure.  I then pulled from what are probably the three most well-known fantasy series: The Chronicles of Narnia (I said I could handle travelling through a wardrobe), Harry Potter (stated I could also handle a magical train), and The Lord of the Rings (even wouldn't mind being carried off in the arms of orcs).

What resulted from this was several comments: one friend laughed and told me I was lowering my standards if I was okay with orcs, while another told me I really can't be picky.

How many women out there have friends telling them that they really shouldn't be picky about the orcs the go out with?

Yeah, somehow I didn't think there were very many!

So if you happen to see someone who is tall, dark, well-muscled, has bad teeth, is greasy, and has a large white handprint on his forehead, let me know...  apparently I'm up for anything ;)

All jesting aside I do feel like I want an adventure.  School is winding down now, and with most of my assignments out of the way I find myself feeling listless. 

I want to journey through a wardrobe.

I want to hop on a magical train that transports me to a castle.

I want an adventure involving orcs.

Sometimes the desire to experience the things I have only ever read about is overwhelming.  I have tried to convince God that he didn't put me in the wrong time period, but rather the wrong world.  Sometimes the sense that something more is there, just barely beyond my touch, is so real.

I wish my closet led to another world.  But I know it doesn't.

I also know that I am remembering something I have never known, and now, more than ever, is a time when I cling to that.  For now, this life I live will be my adventure, and I shall live it to the fullest that I can.

Such is the life of a Christian single.


  1. Well, one can be too picky if they pass up an orc. I mean it is what is on the inside that counts, right? Wait... okay, maybe your not too picky if you pass up an orc. But you definitely are if you pass up a hobbit.

  2. LOL. I just love your blog. You're crazy. In a good way. Duh. And I am totally right there with you. How many times I've said the exact same thing!!haha Not about dating an orc. Mmhhh nah I'd prefer Legolas or that really hot Elvin guy that got whacked with a big orc ax on the Tower wall of Helms Deep. Yesss please. Why did he have to die anyways? Seriously stupid. Sorry I digress.

    Yes! I want to journey through lands where Beavers talk to me and invite me into their cute Beaver Damm homes and sign me up, because I want to receive an invite from an Owl to go to Hogwarts and why can't I help those hobbits save the world? Because I totally would be up for it.

    Born for another world--- I love this.

    Ahh's like what you said in a previous post. Heaven beckoning. Epic tales and adventures await. Maybe not on the same level here with what we can see, but still there and also for eternity to come, no? We are made for so much more than what we can see right now.

    Prayer is a massive weapon in an epic war that is and will be the war of the ages...going on right beneath our noses. We can't quite see but it's there (which I think God should show us some of that supernatural stuff going on-I think it would help encourage us forward) but anyways...our words and prayers are mighty indeed. And serve to do mighty things in the unseen. And I try to remind myself of this. We have a very big part in this battle, indeed. So from one epic battle fighter to another–––stay the mark!

  3. I have to be honest and say that I'm more of a Faramir, Aragorn, or Eomer type... especially when Eomer comes upon Eowyn's body in the Field of Pellenor and begins to cry out in anguish, thinking her lost... such depth of emotion!

    Why does no one cry like that for me? Obviously I need to sneek into battle and slay the Witch-King... obviously!

    Like you said, Heaven calling, and I simply have to tell myself that it shall be even grander than my grandest imaginings!

  4. Yes!–yes it will be :))

    Oh and I do have to totally agree with you on Eomer–um totally hot too. And that was a really stirring scene. to get guy to cry like that over us...worth a good ponder haha