Sunday, 4 March 2012

Annal 133: Tale from the SnowBall

This will be just a quick post, but I thought I would let you all now the SnowBall was a success!  I learned how to swing dance, was asked to dance, and allowed the not-so-hidden-geek-within to prevail while I was on the dance floor... which meant some sprinkler moves among others.

Here is a picture of the back of my hair.

And here is my dress for the evening... along with a few friends (me being the second from the left)!

It was really just a fun way to spend the evening.  I am thoroughly exhausted now though, and must be off to bed.  I am a firm believer, however, in the necessity of a ball.  I think we need to have them far more often! 

If for no other reason than so that all of the single women can band together and just give 'er when no guys ask them to dance!

Such is the life of a Christian single.


  1. Yes!!! The ball is the thing! I am a firm believer in this, always. Let's bring it back!

    Oh my garsh, you look so beautiful in these pics, love, love your hair! and dress!

    Any excuse to get dressed up is fun, in my book.


  2. One day we will convince society that re-introduce the ball... it shall become a goal on my bucket list!