Friday, 10 February 2012

Annal 123: Tale from the Hospital Take-Over

Typically I am not the sort of person who has crazy dreams.  Really.  I mean, I had the odd one growing up (like dreaming I was talking about magenta while wandering the produce aisle of a grocery store... the odd part was that I apparently talked in my sleep during this dream... and said "Comfort, peace, a shade between pink and magenta."  I guess I was a deep girl of eleven).

With being sick my sleep pattern got thrown off a little and the result has been even more wake-up sessions throughout the night than usual. 

This morning my sister had her clinical and she took the car (I definitely did not feel like driving her... and I didn't need the car).  She texted me when she arrived at the parkade, like she always does, and I drifted in and out of consciousness waiting to get the text that would tell me she had made it safely into the hospital.

I didn't get this text.

Panic ensued and the next thing I knew I was arriving at the hospital to look for her.  The only problem was that the whole hospital was in a state of pandemonium.  People were going crazy.  There were dead bodies everywhere and a whole lot of screaming.

That's when I realized that some of those dead bodies were actually moving around.  Apparently vampires and zombies had formed a coalition in their efforts to take over the fair city where I live, and their first area of invasion was the hospital (makes sense, I mean, there are plenty of people they can turn without having to deal with much of a fight).

Before I know it a zombie and vampire are coming toward me, a slightly hungry gleam in their eyes, but I put up my hands to stop them.

"Please, please just wait to turn me.  I have to find my sister," I said, sounding quite calm and innocent.

They agreed and even offered to help me find my sis.  We were scouring the outside of the building when the zombie comes over to me (err... drags himself over to me), a plastic identification card in his hand.  It is my sister's.  She has been kidnapped, and these guys are going to continue to help me find her and...

Then I woke up.

Of course, I was even more panicked after the dream (not because I was scared the undead were taking over but because I was envision my sister being kidnapped).

Finally, a few hours later, she texted me to tell me she was safe (I may or may not have left her a few messages asking where she was), and now I can relax.

I do kind of wonder if, had the dream progressed, I would have turned into a type of Alice from the Resident Evil movies.

I have always wanted a red dress and boots.

So instead of fighting the undead (or fighting with them) I am doing laundry and drinking coffee, cleaning the bathroom and mopping the floors.  Not all that exciting, but at least I know that should a zombie-vampire apocalypse occur (sorry, WHEN it occurs), I have the ability to charm my way into the good graces of the enemy.

Such is the life of a Christian single.


  1. That is definitely a good zombie survival skill to have.

  2. Charming them? Yes, I would agree with you there!